Boutique Hair Salon


Explore our favourite Vegan products.
  • Television Perfect Hair Shampoo

    TELEVISION Perfect Hair Shampoo

  • atlantis b5 moisturizing conditioner

    ATLANTIS B5 Moisturizing Conditioner

  • Gemstone Conditioner

    GEMSTONE ChromoHance Colour Conditioner

  • cassette curl conditioner

    CASSETTE Curl Conditioner

  • dallas biotin thickening shampoo

    DALLAS Biotin Thickening Conditioner

  • Television Perfect Hair Conditioner

    TELEVISION Perfect Hair Conditioner

  • high dive moisture and shine creme

    HIGH DIVE Moisture + Shine Crème

  • waterfall moisture shine lotion

    WATERFALL Moisture + Shine Lotion

  • turn table curl defining cream

    TURNTABLE Curl Defining Cream

  • mood swing straightening spray

    MOOD SWING Straightening Spray

  • Cool Wind pH perfect air dry creme

    COOL WIND pH Perfect Air Dry Crème

  • Pulp Riot Barcelona Toning Shampoo

    Barcelona Toning Shampoo


Cancellation Policy

Please note that a valid credit card is needed to secure all bookings. In the event that you have to cancel or reschedule a reservation 48 hour notice is required. A charge will only be applied to your credit card if our cancellation policy is not met. Please read our cancellation policy.