Drinks & Treats

Treat yourself – enjoy our curated menu of drinks and snacks. Coffee/ Espresso/ Tea complimentary with any service. (But add the Bailey’s!)


Assorted Teas

Blueberry Ginseng, Orange Pekoe, Hibiscus, Earl Grey, Green, Honey Lemon, Chamomile, Gingerbread 

Coffee and Espresso

Espresso, Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino, Flat White. Choose from Oat or Dairy milk. Bailey’s available for purchase.

Zero Alcohol

Wild Card by Barbet


Tangy blood orange and electric calamansi with a flicker of hot jalapeño pepper.

(355 ml)

Love Bite by Barbet


Tart pink grapefruit and a cheeky bite of fresh ginger with earthy juniper.

(355 ml)

Light Wave by Barbet


Crunchy cucumber and sun soaked pineapple with a subtle smooch of lavender.

(355 ml)



Mineral water captured at the source in Vergeze, France. 

(200 ml)


Darling Mimosa
Sparkling Orange


Go ahead darling, live life on the bright side. Made with Ontario wine and real orange juice. Fills your glass twice.

(355 ml)



Light sweetness and a balanced finish. (Make it even better by adding a glitter bomb!)

(200 ml)

Moet & Chandon


Extra dry with just shy of medium body with a clean finish.

(200 ml)


Bask Rosé Spritz


A refreshingly crisp rosé spritzer with aromas of peach and strawberry. 0g sugar. Fills your glass twice!

(355 ml)

Peller Family Cabernet Merlot


Rich aromas of black fruit with a smooth fruity finish.

Peller Family Chardonnay


Sweet apply fruit and butter oak flavours with a smooth finish.


Detour by Muskoka Brewery


Perfectly balanced sweet juiciness with a beautiful bitterness.

(473 ml)


Edible Glitter Bomb


Cotton candy wrapped around edible glitter in an individual pouch that adds a touch of sweetness and sparkle to your bubbly.

Baileys Irish Cream


The indulgent blend of aged Irish whiskey and luscious Irish dairy cream, with hints of cocoa and vanilla.


We have a two drink maximum for the consumption of alcoholic drinks during our services.


Torres Black Truffle
Premium Potato Chips


Unforgettable aroma, crisp texture, a delightful crunch and unmatched flavour of authentic black summer truffles.

Torres Hot Smoked Paprika Premium Potato Chips


All natural Spanish potato chips made with authentic De la Vera smoked paprika for a crispy, spicy snack.

Pop The Champagne Popcorn


Kettle popped whole grain popcorn coated in a smooth, premium Belgian white chocolate. Sprinkled with Champagne-infused sugar crystals that literally “pop” in your mouth. 

Poppin' Tequila & Salt Popcorn


Air-popped, whole grain popcorn coated in a smooth and crunchy Añejo tequila infused caramel and sprinkled with zesty lemon salt. Baked to deliver a satisfying crunch. 

Squish Sparkling Bears


Squish’s Sparkling Bears are an all time favourite. Beautiful pink and clear gummy bears with light notes of pineapple and raspberry flavoured wine.

Squish Rainbow Bears


Ever wonder what rainbows are made of? Tiny, colourful, juicy gummy bears. Experience flavours like banana, lime, orange, strawberry, blueberry & grape.

Squish Brain Freeze


These icy brains taste like blueberries and ooze with an electric blue centre. 

Squish Vegan Kiss Kiss


Watermelon, cherry, and grape gummy lips – you won’t want to pass on this lip-smacking treat.

Squish Vegan Rainbow Belts


There is nothing we love as much as eating a gummy strip. The nostalgia, the texture, the sour crystals – all add up to our favourite gummy experience.

Check back regularly for our seasonal rotation of drinks and treats!

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