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Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most. If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, please use our contact page to reach out.

While we do accept walk-ins, our team of talented stylists are typically quite booked up. We recommend contacting us in advance to see if we have any availability.

You can find us at 1512 Dundas Street West. For more information, including parking and transit details, please see our About page.

Please give us a call as soon as you feel you may be running behind. Please note that we book our appointments carefully to give our stylists the optimal time for each service, and if you show up more than 15 minutes beyond your scheduled start time, we may need to alter your service or in extreme cases may not be able to accommodate your service at all. We do this to stay on time for our next appointment. The sooner we know, the sooner we can find a solution.

Feel free to bring inspiration hair photos (see our Pinterest for ideas). We can’t wait to meet you and introduce you to the Fifteen Twelve experience.

Great question! You can browse through our stylists bios to see if anybody in particular piques your interest, give us a call at 416.792.1558 to chat with our team about who we feel may be best suited to your needs, or send us an email at if you’re not big on phone calls. (We get it!)

Absolutely not! In fact, we love using visuals to help us communicate our clear goals and plans. We understand that you may love different parts of different photos, and that’s also super helpful. Don’t have photos? Browse our Pinterest for inspiration.

We don’t keep our
beauty secrets

Short answer, yes. Drug store shampoos are made with cheap ingredients which quickly remove your professional colour. They can also leave a buildup on your hair which can affect the way your hair reacts to professional colouring services. If you feel that you may have buildup on your hair, inquire about what can be done prior to your colour appointment. At Fifteen Twelve we believe that there should be great haircare for every budget, which is why we carry multiple haircare lines at various price points. Ask your stylist for their recommendation on what will work for you and your budget – judgement free.

We will accept Credit Card, Debit and Cash.

We require a credit card for bookings. Please see more information on our salon policies here.

You can see our cancellation policy listed here.

We are located in a beautiful heritage building, which was originally built with a step at its entry and the washroom in its basement. Although our shampoo basins and stylist stations are located on the main floor, our Beauty & Rejuvenation services are located in the lower level where the washrooms are.

We’d love to meet them! You can direct them to our careers page.

We use an exciting new technology called Salonscale. This Bluetooth scale helps us measure exactly how much colour product we use in your hair down to the gram and helps us charge accordingly. We found that colour pricing was very inconsistent because stylists had to guess how much was used and charge accordingly. Some people were overcharged and some were undercharged. It keeps the cost completely transparent between stylist and client, and breaks things down into parts and labour, just like any other trade service. Most salons quote a flat rate for a service where we break it down into hourly + cost of product simply for transparency sake. For more information about Salon Scale, contact us.

Two full tubes of colour is included in the price of our root retouch and all over colour appointments. Any excess colour will be charged using Salonscale to ensure accuracy and transparency. The majority of appointments will not be affected by this, but in the case of extremely thick hair or additional glossing a minimal fee may apply. 

We are proud to carry a variety of professional colour lines, including Wella, Schwarzkopf, Redken, and Pulp Riot. It’s very important to us that our team has access to the highest quality professional products that can address every colour concern. 

We strongly recommend waiting 48 hours after a colour service to wash your hair. The cuticle of your hair takes about 48 hours to close after a colouring service, so washing it too soon after can affect the longevity of your colour.

A colour correction is a general term that we use to accommodate a number of services. Whether you need a major overhaul or multiple techniques that don’t quite fit into our other services, a colour correction may be for you. It’s difficult to quote a process that contains many unique steps, so we charge by an hourly rate. A consultation is required to book a colour correction so we can book you in for the proper amount of time.

Highlights – panels of lightness created using foil. We use many different techniques, but generally “highlights” is a blanket term for any kind of lightening service using foils.

Babylights – similar to highlights, but much finer. Creates a softer more natural look.

Teasylights­ – can be either highlights or babylights, but using a teasing technique to add in some extra depth at the root. A great low maintenance technique.

Balayage – a French word meaning “sweeping”. A technique used to free-hand paint on the surface of the hair. Can be used with or without foil.

Foilayage – Similar to balayage, but painted into a foil to create contract or extra lightness.

Ombre – A gradient from dark to light. 

Read more about our redo policy.

We don’t keep our
beauty secrets

Yes of course! At Fifteen Twelve we believe in gender neutral pricing, which is why you don’t see it specifically listed. Our stylists put the same level of care and time into your hair no matter what length your hair is or what gender you identify with. We do offer a Short Haircut service, which is booked for slightly less time than a full haircut in the case of most stylists.

On our services page you can see a brief description of what each service is. For lightening services and what each one means, see the FAQ question on it here. Still need more help? Contact us! We also offer complimentary consultations with our stylists if you would like to chat in person about what you may need.

Actually, no! Excessive natural oils can affect the way colour or lightener takes on your hair. We prefer you wash your hair two days before your colour appointment. It helps us see how your true hair colour and makes the colouring process a lot easier for us. The only case this actually applies to is for a Root Retouch Lightening, as the natural oils help mitigate scalp irritation. Although even in this case, we don’t recommend any more than 2-3 days since your last wash.

While a little bit of dry shampoo doesn’t bother us, due to the absorbent nature of dry shampoo it can actually alter the way colour or lightener takes. Dry shampoo can also change the way your natural colour looks, which makes colour matching a lot more tricky. Please arrive with hair that has been washed within the past two days. (See question above for more information.)

It may take more than one appointment to achieve your desired hair colour, depending on your hair history and goals. Our talented stylists will have a thorough consultation with you before starting your service and can give you an estimate on how many sessions it can take. Also please note that some colours aren’t achievable on all types of hair, but we will be honest about this with you. Aftercare is required for all professional colour – we cannot guarantee the longevity of our work without it. Ask your stylist for more information.

Lightener (bleach) is a chemical. Heat affects the speed of chemical reactions. When you have more than 8 weeks worth of regrowth, your body heat can’t reach the oldest part of your root, causing that part to lift slower than the hair right next to your scalp. This causes “banding”, which is those unsightly yellowy/orange lines you see in poorly lifted blonde hair. To avoid this, your stylist must use different techniques and products to achieve an even lift, which requires more time, skill, and product. For help and advice on booking this service, please contact us.

Olaplex  is a bond-builder. It repairs and prevents hair damage. Olaplex works by restoring broken disulfide bonds in the hair, which are caused by harsh chemical treatments and excessive heat use. For more information, please see How it works – OLAPLEX Inc.

K-18 is a patented molecular breakthrough. It fixes broken keratin chains in the hair caused by chemical and mechanical damage. It’s clinically proven to work within 4 minutes. For more information, please see K18 Hair | Biomimetic Hairscience | Official Site.

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Cancellation Policy

Please note that a valid credit card is needed to secure all bookings. In the event that you have to cancel or reschedule a reservation 48 hour notice is required. A charge will only be applied to your credit card if our cancellation policy is not met. Please read our cancellation policy.