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Chris Master Stylist at Fifteen Twelve Salon


Senior Stylist


Lightening services from $120/hr

Chris has 10 years of solid experience in the hair industry. His early days were spent as a colour technician at a prestigious Vidal Sassoon affiliate salon, focusing on grasping technical aspects of colouring hair followed by work at another salon, honing his cutting skills. Chris places great career interest and emphasis on how different colour techniques can compliment an impressive haircut and vice versa.


Chris views hair as a remarkable form of self-expression by the client and a statement of art for the stylist. He is a creative in every sense of the word and is devoted to bringing his client’s vision to life through attention to detail and precision. He is dedicated to continued education, and implements the latest trends with an understanding that hairstyles can powerfully impact and compliment personal style and transform the way people see and feel about themselves.


Chris is known for his beautiful bleach and foil work and pushing the boundaries of how much he can lighten hair – and he can get it done no matter how dark natural hair is. His clients love his dramatic colour transformations with major before and after reveals of balayage or highlights and full-blown bleach-outs. His phenomenal blonde, platinum, pastel and silver tones can perfectly match a colour palette.


Chris is pretty laid back and has a very calm personality. He’s always in tune with his client’s vibe – if his client wants to zone out and have a relaxed experience with minimal conversation, he zones out too and focuses on his craft – if his client wants juicy talk back, Chris certainly knows how to participate.


When Chris is not in the salon you can catch him trying to keep his 101 new plants alive that he nursed during the pandemic. He also loves a good craft session – he particularly enjoys needle punching, macramé, and using his sewing machine every once in a while to tailor clothing and make throw pillows for his bed and couch – comfort is key!

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