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4 Tips to Maintain Healthy Post Workout Hair

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If you’re like me, you’re absolutely thrilled that the gyms have opened back up in Ontario! Woo hoo! Taking care of your body is extremely important however, sometimes our hair suffers as dry shampoo doesn’t always cover up the aftermath of that intense workout. Those added hair washes although refreshing can be stripping to the natural oils in your hair.

Here are some tips as to how you can preserve your hair in between washes while still feeling refreshed after a heavy workout:


If you have thicker curlier hair or textured hair using a co-wash is best as it can help loosen up any buildup, especially if you used dry shampoo throughout the week. This is not recommended for those with fine or oily hair as it can weigh it down resulting in flat hair. You can use a co wash with a small ratio of shampoo or for thicker hair, simply using a conditioner without silicone can do the trick. Staying clear of silicones is crucial as the ingredients that help add shine create unnecessary buildup.


Use dry shampoo before your workout! Dry shampoo needs to be used on dry hair to avoid buildup, therefore using dry shampoo before your workout works by decreasing that sweat and oil production while you’re working out.


Sea salt spray can be a great way to add texture and volume to naturally fine, straight hair when you’re in a rush after a workout. Giving more structure to your hair in a spray form can help you skip the wash and blow dry while still helping the hair lift.


If you’ve got a little more time on your hands, try drying down any post workout sweat by diffusing or using a round brush without product. It gives a similar affect as using a sea salt spray and if you need a little extra oomph using our Balmain hair perfume can help add fragrance that moves with you throughout the day. Tip: it also doubles as a body fragrance.

For more tips, book a consult and ask one of our Top Toronto Hairstylists what would work best for your hair after a workout.


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