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Tips for Making a Major Hair Change

, Client Services Representative

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For some of us it has been months, maybe a year since our last hair appointment and major hair change. With the seasons changing, its easy to be inspired and feel bold! If you’re thinking of undergoing a big hair makeover for the summer, keep reading for some valuable advice!


Tip 1: Be specific

There can be a significant planning stage before a major hair change. Stylists love it when you send in photos of what your hair looks like now as well as a few photos of what your hair goal is. When it comes to colour, the more information about your hair’s history, the better. After sending photos, we recommend an in-person consultation so you and the stylist can brainstorm for the big day. The stylist can also manage your expectations and give you a clear idea of what options lay ahead.


Tip 2: Get ready to shine

When we look good, we feel good, and a big change can be a little nerve-wracking! Come to your appointment looking put together so that you can instantly see the whole package. This way, you can immediately see how your new hairstyle clicks with the rest of your aesthetic. So, whatever that means to you – either a cute outfit and an extra bit of makeup, or completely relaxed, comfortable, and fresh. Putting a little more thought into this can help you get in the zone for a big change. Forget the stress of work or that errand you still need to run; this moment is about you looking amazing!


Tip 3: Expect the unexpected

Making a major change to your look is exciting! That being said, everyone’s hair is different, so it is best to keep an open mind regarding your outcome and embrace the possibilities. I’ve made so many drastic changes to my hair style over the years and I’ve adopted the motto “Whatever it needs to be!”. I understand that my goal is ideal, but lots of cool options lie in between here and there, and my biggest concern is protecting the health of my hair when I make a change. If your hair texture differs significantly from what’s in your inspiration photos, you may have to explore a different haircut option. Certain major colour changes are not possible in one sitting, but what you end up with could be just the thing! Your stylist wants to work with you to both get creative and leave your hair in great condition.


If you’re ready to feel the summer breeze through your newly cropped pixie cut or let the sun glisten off your fresh highlights, you could be ready for a major hair change! Looking for inspiration? Check out our Pinterest account to discover your new ‘do. Ready to transform? Call us to book a consultation with Toronto’s Best Hair Salon: 416-792-1558.


By Julia Mauro, Client Services Representative


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