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Growing Out a Pixie Cut

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If you recently went super short (new year, new you!) and are ready to grow out your cropped cut, there are a few things you can do to make that process as smooth as possible. Over the last year, I have been growing out a pixie cut and am happy to share what has worked for me. This journey will require a lot of patience, but we are here to help you out!

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Tip 1: Get Regular Haircuts

This may seem counter-intuitive considering the goal is to grow out the hair, but regular haircuts will really help with your overall look during this possibly less-than-graceful process. When I was growing out my pixie cut, I first transitioned from an even-all-over length to shorter on the bottom and longer at the top. This made it so that the hair at the top of my head could start to catch up with the hair at the bottom of my head and start to even out over time. I had the hair at the nape of my neck trimmed about every three weeks, generally. The trickiest bit is growing out the hair above the ears, as that area is normally cut much shorter than every other section so that hair doesn’t cover the ears. Once the hair from the top front of my head got long enough to conceal those awkward ear tufts, that was really fantastic, and letting the top of my head grow longer than the bottom was key for this. At Fifteen Twelve, we offer Fringe Trim and Maintenance Cut appointment options that may work for you.

My goal was to work towards a bob that was as even as possible around my whole head, but you may not choose to do this. If you are more into a retro shag or 90s heartthrob bob look (which is super trendy right now), you may want to let the back of your neck grow at the same rate as the top of your head.

Tip 2: Hair and Scalp Health

Keeping both the ends of your hair and your scalp healthy during the pixie grow-out process is essential. The regular haircuts I mentioned will definitely help keep your ends healthy but there are some other things you can do as well. The K-18 treatment is a fantastic option for maintaining the integrity of your hair and prevent excessive breakage as it grows out. Trying to reduce the amount of heat styling you do will also help to keep hair strong and shiny. During the growing process, I loved massaging my scalp and used a silicone head massager but gently massaging your scalp with your fingers will also feel lovely!

Growing out a short cut will definitely have its fair share of less-than-perfect hair days, but if you stay open to having slightly different styles during the grow-out process and treat your hair and scalp with care, the time will fly by! Book with the Best Toronto Hair Salon at Fifteen Twelve so can get you closer to your hair goals, give us a call at 416-792-1558 and we’d be happy to chat with you.

Feature photo by Marjan Sadeghi on Unsplash


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