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Balayage or Babylights? What’s the difference?!

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Balayage or Babylights? What’s the difference? We constantly get asked the difference between these services. Here we’ll break it down for you, so you can explain what you want to your stylist like a pro!

“Balayage” is a French word meaning “to sweep” – and really we used that term to describe hand painted highlights, which have a soft gradient appearance. Balayage can be done “open-air” (where you see the colour on top of the hair with no foil hiding it) or, in foil (also known as Foilayage).

“Highlight” is a pretty general term. Typically, highlights means to put very thin sections of hair inside of a foil and paint colour directly onto the hair inside that little packet. Highlights can come in all shapes, sizes and densities. We find that typically if someone is asking for highlights, they are asking for bits of lightened hair that start right by the scalp and go all the way to the ends of the hair.

“Babylights” are a bit more specific! They’re similar to a highlight, but are a very finely woven section that are a lot more delicate in appearance, and have less of that *pop* and more of a subtle sprinkle of brightness. Babylights grow out softer, because there is less of a dramatic contrast between the root and the colour over time.

Still overwhelmed by all the choices? You can use our Pinterest page to find inspiration photos if you’re more of a visual person. Luckily for you, our stylists can help you decide what would work best for your hair goals, your lifestyle, and your individual hair type. Book your appointment today to speak to one of the top Toronto hairstylists at Fifteen Twelve!


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