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Winter Skin Rescue: How to Give Your Skin the Care it Needs this Winter Season

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Now that winter is upon us you might be experiencing the winter blues however, your skin shouldn’t need to suffer as well.

Here are a few of my favourite products for dealing with Toronto’s dry winters all varying in price so there’s something on here for everybody!

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid ($6.80):
winter skin rescue Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid Fifteen Twelve Salon

This serum is super concentrated and applies beautifully under any moisturizer. I use this underneath my makeup and it helps immensely with dry patches and makes sure all complexion products glide on with ease. This won’t clash with any spf you apply over top and marries well with the salt + stone spf which leads me to our next featured product!

Salt + Stone Spf 40 + Spf Lip Balm ($44 & $10)
winter skin rescue Salt & Stone SPF Fifteen Twelve Salon

This 100% mineral and oil free spf is an amazing option for incorporating spf into your routine. It is fragrance free making it great for sensitive skin. You can even use this as a moisturizer+ spf if you have an oilier skin type. We often neglect using spf as our winters can be gloomy however, it is equally as important to use during the winter months. Many spf’s can pill throughout the day especially for those with dry skin however, this product is long-lasting and doesn’t buildup with re applications. Pair it with the salt & stone spf lip balm infused with argan oil and you’ll be prepped for the day ahead!

Korres Hydra Biome Probiotic Super Dose Face Mask + Olaplex No3 Hair Perfector ($63 & $38)
winter skin rescue face mask Fifteen Twelve Salon

Once everything has come off at the end of the day and you still feel like you need a dose of moisture implementing a mask into your routine makes a big difference and who doesn’t need 10 minutes of self-care to help unwind before bed. One of my favourites is the korres hydra biome probiotic super dose face mask. A little goes a long way and it is amazing for my dry skin girls, your skin will drink this up like a glass of water. It improves luminosity and texture while helping repair the skin’s natural microbiome. Pairing this with our Olaplex no3 hair perfector is great to integrate into your nighttime shower routine and will ensure your skin and hair gets all the love it needs this winter season!


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